Himalayan Retreat


We’ve combined Himalayan Salt into our services to add a dose of healing within your spa experience. Enjoy your Himalayan treatment in our elegantly designed couple’s room with beautiful display of healing crystals and grand Himalayan Salt lamp. The benefits of Himalayan Salt are endless. Provides 84 essential minerals including iron, calcium and Potassium. Generates negative ions shown to help create a sense of peace and a deeper sense of relaxation, reduces insomnia, moisturizes, detoxifies and more!

2 Hours 30 Mins

$330 Per Person

$690 Couple’s 

Signature Swedish Massage W/ Himalayan Hot Stones 50 Mins

Foam Cloud W/ Himalayan Salt Body Scrub 50 Mins

Egyptian Foot Soak W/ Himalayan Hot Stone Massage 30 Mins



3 Hours

$300 Per Person

$630 Couple’s

Signature Swedish Massage 50 Mins

Hydration Facial With Peppermint Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage 45 Mins

Pedicure 45Mins

Sauna 30 Mins

Royal Escape


2 Hours

$240 Per Person

$510 Couple’s 

Swedish Massage 30 Mins

Body Scrub 30 Mins

Hydration Facial 30 Mins

Egyptian Foot Soak 30 Mins

Well Deserved


1 Hour 45Mins

$220 Per Person

$470 Couple’s

Ultimate Hydration Facial W/ Peppermint Head, Neck And Shoulder Massage 50 Mins

Pedicure 45 Mins

Touch & Glow Getaway


1 Hour 30 Mins

$180 Per Person

$390 Couples 

Swedish Massage 30 Mins

Hydration Facial 30 Mins

Egyptian Foot Soak 30 Mins 

Touch & Glow Experience


1 Hour 20 Mins

$160 Per Person

$350 Couples 

Signature Massage 50 Mins

Egyptian Foot Soak 30 Mins

$370 Couples Rooftop Lounge Massage (Weather Permitting, Spring, Summer, Fall)


Exchange Egyptian Soak For Luxurious Milk Foot Bath $10


(Fits 2 Average Size Adults)

30 Mins $30

Sauna W/ Slim Wrap

30 Mins $50

*Although we offer planned packages for your convenience, you are welcome to combine any of our services for a custom package that meets your needs.