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Touch & Glow Signature Massage $120


50 Mins

(80 Mins $180)

Melt away stress and soothe tired muscles with our Signature Swedish massage. Personalize your session with your choice of any of our exclusive doTERRA Essential Oils. The massage is then finalized with hot towel compressions for a complete calming effect.

Massage & Reiki / Chakra Balancing $120


50 Mins

There are 7 Main energy centers in the body known as chakras. Each houses our mental and emotional strengths. Reiki helps to restore a harmonious flow of energy across the Chakra system, which translates into well-being, wholeness and centeredness.

Egyptian Foot Soak $40


30 Mins

Pamper your feet Egyptian style! Our foot baths are hand crafted and imported from Egypt. Ancient Egyptians used copper to purify water. The body can absorb copper, which helps detoxify the body and boosts immune system. Personalize your session with your choice of DoTERRA Essential oil. Includes Hot towels and Hot Stone Massage.

**Must Be Combined With One Or More Services 

Fall Fragrance Oils

Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon, Harvest Spice, Coffee Cake, Gingerbread And Apple Cider

Foam Cloud Body Scrub $120


Add a luxurious exfoliating body scrub to your skin care routine to polish away old skin and stimulate micro circulation. Our signature body scrub includes a lavish foam cloud used to enhance your body scrub experience. After exfoliation, full body is covered in a foam cloud and then wraped in a warm towel for a renewing and calming effect. Our unique selection of scrubs are made exclusively with organic and natural ingredients. 

Body Scrub 50 Mins

Deep Blue

Benefits: helps lessen tension, produces relaxing effects, provides targeted Soothing comfort

Tea Tree Glow

Benefits: Supports a healthy immune system, provides reinforcing and reguvenating benefits for the hair, skin and nails, uses cleansing properties to protect against environmental and seasonal threats, fresh uplifting aroma


Benefits: Supports healthy respiratory function, powerful cleansing benefits, uplifting and energizing properties that help improve mood, gives skin complexion a refreshed, healthy-looking glow

Aroma D’ Lavender

Benefits: Soothing for the skin, reduces anxious feelings or feelings of tension, provides relaxing qualities that help promote a pleasant  sleep

Brown Sugar Fall Spice ( Fall Season Only)

Benefits: Pumpkin is a natural source of antioxidants and has over 100 beneficial nutrient, which help to transform dull and lifeless skin into a youthful complexion that radiates.

Couple’s Touch & Glow Signature Massage $260


Escape with a friend or loved one with our couple’s Massage. Two people can enjoy their massage experience together, side by side in our elegantly designed couple’s room. A perfect way to enjoy some quality time together. This room is ideally suited for special occasions, such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentines Day and more.

Couple’s Touch & Glow Signature Massage 80 Mins


*View Packages Section For More Options 

Rooftop Couple’s Massage $280


50 Mins 

Step outside of the norm and indulge in a Touch & Glow Signature Massage outdoors, on our Rooftop Lounge! A perfect way to relax and unwind in open-air. 

80 Mins $340

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